What's your Rider Level?

At RiderLevel we have developed a globally standardised scoring system that compares ALL cyclists. Connect now for a Free Trial, and we’ll calculate your personal RiderLevel. Then, come back after you’ve stored your next ride in Strava, and see if you beat your RiderLevel. Or Subscribe for more in-depth analysis.

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How does it work?

How does it work? RiderLevel is for cyclists who want to measure and compare their rides, in a way that remains applicable regardless of distance, time, altitude change, or stops.

RiderLevel uses the GPS data from your ride to determine a ‘standardized performance’ for that ride. Similar to a golf handicap (e.g. "today I played to 14"), RiderLevel converts your GPS data into a ‘score’, and based on recent scores, establishes a target against which you can measure yourself. You can also measure yourself against others.

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