At RiderLevel we aim to give you, the cycling enthusiast, meaningful information on your riding, and the riding of your friends.  Any information we collect from you, or about you, will be used for you.  We will not provide your personal information to others (with two exceptions: 1) we will share your performance information with your RiderLevel Friends, but only with your permission, and 2) where you have registered for, and completed, an Event or Challenge, we will share your ride results with the Event Organizer and other entrants).

Nor shall we use your information to expose you to advertisements or partner products.

We may consolidate your information with others to provide further meaningful feedback, such as graphs and tables conveying various performance results, or cycling handicap information, but will not reveal personal information in doing so.

We do not store credit card details or address details, and rely on secure third-party payment gateways for any payment processing.

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