What is the difference between a Route, an Event, and a Challenge?

What is the difference between a Route, an Event, and a Challenge?

So you’ve been looking at “My RIderLevel Challenges”!

Excellent Question!  

A Route is a ride, stored as gps data points and presented as a mapped course.  It could be your regular commute, a semi-regular weekend course, or a one-off activity you intend to complete.

Both Challenges and Events are completed over a Route.  Therefore, to create an Event or Challenge, you first need to create a Route.

An Event is a one-off pre-arranged ride with multiple participants.  Great examples of Events are: a Gran Fondo (or Sportive), a multi-stage Event (any chance the pros would use RiderLevel on a Grand Tour?), an Audax ride (but only up to 400km), a cycling club race, or a one-off ‘race’ you arrange amongst your riding group.  An Event requires an Event Organizer (but it is simple to manage).  Each Event has its own Leaderboard, providing results based on Net Time (participant’s RiderLevel Target Time less their RiderLevel calculated moving time).

A Challenge is similar to an Event, with the exception that is does not have to be a one-off, and can be completed at any time (there is no end date).  We think of it as a permanent course (and have grand visions of a range of ‘classic’ permanent courses setup by RiderLevel subscribers all across the world).  Like an Event, a Challenge needs to be setup and initially shared by an organizer.  Each Challenge has a Leaderboard, but in this case the Leaderboard is dynamic – updated continuously as new participants complete the Challenge (or ‘old’ participants repeat the Challenge).

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