Terms & Conditions

The RiderLevel service:

RiderLevel calculations utilise gps data sourced from 3rd parties.  RiderLevel cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data, and can not guarantee the accuracy of the RiderLevel scratch time, target time, RL moving time, or RodeTo calculations that rely on this gps data. Use of the RiderLevel service is provided in good faith.

Safe cycling:

RiderLevel supports and promotes safe cycling.  One of our core tenets is to reward, rather than punish, those cyclists who obey traffic regulations, such as stop signals.  We do not condone illegal or unsafe cycling.

Continuity of Service and Provision of refunds:

The provision of the RiderLevel service is dependent upon continuation of an uninterrupted source of rider and activity data from www.strava.com.  Should access to this data be revoked, or should access to this data be made unavailable for a period of 30 continuous days, and should RiderLevel be unable to source similar data from other data providers, RiderLevel will refund any subscriptions on a pro rata basis as of the next month anniversary of your subscription (e.g. if you subscribe for 12 months on June 25th, and Strava data becomes unavailable on October 12th, we will refund you 8/12 of your subscription, to cover the period from October 25th to the following June 25th).