We all love a great route.

We all love a great route.

Friday January 26th, 2018

Have a Strava route, but you want to know the Target Time for your RiderLevel?

At RiderLevel, we have introduced the ability for all our members to Extract their routes from Strava, and in doing so, we calculate the Target Time for the route, for a range of RiderLevels (both male and female).  The example below come’s from the original route and course direction for Amy’s Gran Fondo, the first Australian course to be use in qualifying for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship.


There is one small caveat to these calculations: RiderLevel calculations use the gps data recorded during your ride (on your Garmn, Lezyne, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto or TomTom unit), and we are therefore reliant upon the accuracy of this data.  Individual GPS units, and different GPS models, tend to have minor variations in the accuracy of their measurements, which can effect the data captured, and therefore impact our calculations. However, if you use the same gps for the same types of ride, these anomalies should balance out..


If you have a great route, and want to share it with your friends, just click to Share.


And if you have a paid Subscription to RiderLevel, you can now calculate your personal Target Time for each route in your CHALLENGEs library.  Not only can you calculate the Target Time for your default RiderLevel, but also for each of the bikes you have registed on RiderLevel, and by ride type (assuming you use these fields when you Save your activities to Strava).


Get a route.  Give a route.  Analyse how fast you could complete a route.


And have fun.


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