By subscribing to RiderLevel you are able to take advantage of the benefits and features only available to subscribers, and you help support the ongoing development of the RiderLevel application and website.

Subscriber Benefits (see bottom of the page for a comparison of features included in the Free Trial and the Subscription option):

  • Drill into your ride to see further details on your performance, including:
    • your net time for the ride (great for handicap races)
    • the elite cyclist’s performance for the ride (RiderLevel = 100)
    • your relative performance when
      • climbing, and
      • riding ‘on the flat’.
  • You also have the option of having more of your ride history uploaded to RiderLevel, with your historical performances analysed against your capability.
  • Access additional RiderLevels.  This will provide you with the ability to:
    • have a unique RiderLevel for each bicycle, or
    • have a separate RiderLevel for your commuting, or
    • have a separate RiderLevel for your ride type (e.g. Race or Workout), or
    • any combination of bicycle/commute/ride-type.
  • See your RiderLevel history, based on rides completed, and displayed over time, and click through to see a specific ride’s detail (also available by bicycle and/or commute)
  • Review your best rides, and list the rides included in the calculation of your RiderLevel.
  • Take advantage of additional functionality as soon as it is released, including:
    • a unique additional RiderLevel applied to formally organized events such as gran fondos and sportives, allowing you to compete in these events on handicap,
    • support for clubs, whether formal accredited clubs or informal clubs amongst your riding friends
    • further ride performance analysis as it becomes available.

Examples of these benefits, with screen shots and example data, can be found here.


Subscriber Pricing:

At RiderLevel we have undertaken pricing analysis based on the benefits we intend to provide to our members.  The full price for an annual subscription is less than US$4.00 per month.  However, this pricing assumes a fully functional RiderLevel application, which will not be available for a number of years.  Therefore our initial pricing represents a significant discount to reflect our plans to increase functionality.  We have further discounted the price to recognise the contribution that early members make to the ongoing development of RiderLevel.


Price (as functionality is added, prices will undergo small increases):

Subscriber Membership: 

Yearly: US$12.95 (discounted from US$47.95).   Six Month: US$8.95 (discounted from US$29.95).  Month: US$2.15 (discounted from US$7.95).

Strava Data History:

Your ride history (excluding rides rejected by the RiderLevel extract and calculation process) since 01/01/2015: US$4.95

Your complete Strava ride history (subject to above exclusions): US$9.95


Comparison – Free Trial versus Subscription:

Free Trial vs Subscription